Desperate Hauls Call for Desperate Dressers
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Jacket - American Eagle

Shirt - Urban Outfitters

Pants - Urban Outfitters

Shoes - Steve Madden

Man, this jacket has been a complete staple for me for this February! I’ve been wearing most of the times of the last few weeks and so much to the point it has a few stains on it. What can I say? I my clothes hard, and there’s no point of wearing clothes if you aren’t going to wear it out? I’ve been trying to wear my dress shirts more casually, so I didn’t tuck my shirt in this time and just left it under my coat for most of the day. These pants are although have the cool little denim color on the inside, they have this poopy color and they do not hold up to the wind and winter. I wore this to New York City one night and I was freezing my bottoms off! I’ll probably wear it in college though since I’ll be in the warmer south ;) Hopefully the weather in North Carolina won’t be a death trap like this year’s sweep in the south. Pray for better weather!


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